Recap of 2010-11!!

The fag end of yet another successful academic year at MITE is approaching slowly. The journey through this year was wonderful with a lot of ups and downs. It all began with the admission of the first year students, who brought in full strength to the campus i.e, for the first time, the college saw all four years of students in engineering and two years of MBA. The freshers got along with the seniors well and very fast.
The first half (semester) of the year went on with a lot of emphasis on academic activities alone. But various training programs were organized to make the students industry-ready. Excellent results were produced in all four batches and branches of engineering in the end-semester exams.
The second half began with a bang, with campus recruitment for the senior-most batch. Students got placed, in huge numbers, in various reputed companies. It was indeed a very big achievement. This time, like every time, full encouragement was given to nurture the budding talents of the students in the campus in the field of art and culture through the Grand Annual Festival SENTIA '11. This time, the five-day fest was enhanced to VTU-intercollegiate level and MITE took pride in playing the host to as many as 23 participating colleges across the state. During this festival, MITE also inaugurated the MITE-BOSCH center for competence in automation. This was the major highlight of the successful year.
Since, the first batch of MITE family is all set to pass out of the college, the pre-final year batch hosted a heart-touching farewell party for the seniors, in the college premises. That was the last event for this semester.
All in all it was a fruitful year. With a hope of working hard further towards growth and improvement in all aspects, we look forward to welcoming another exciting academic year.
And with this, the entire MITE fraternity wishes its 1st batch of students, success and excellence in all their future endeavors!!

Interviews, Seminars, Projects.....

Everyone at MITE is seemingly busy at the moment as the first batch of fresh graduates from the college take their first steps towards the industry and a leap ahead into another phase of life. Campus interviews, seminars and projects end the memorable four years spent MITE as the real challenges lie ahead of the seniors. The following week will hold the farewells to the final semester students. Keep checking back as we'll be keeping you updated!


The VOL-1 of Photo-shoot ... Some of the scenes @ MITE CAMPUS

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These pictures are shot by various students, the credit goes to ALL... Stay tuned for more updates...
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Hello friends, Miteblog brings you a new series of photo-shoot at MITE... Visit the blog regularly for the amazing pictures of MITE campus. These pictures are shot by various students, the credit goes for all... The vol-1 will be updated shortly.

Sentia fever's over

At the end of five grueling,fun filled,extravagant,fantastic days of sentia '10,everything seems to be over,all of a sudden,for this semester. These five beautiful days were really very special for all MITEans. Sentia is our college fest organized every year. But this time around,it was spread out to other colleges as well i.e intercollegiate fest was organized for the colleges of the Mysore zone.
All the events were organized very well. The response from the other colleges was amazing and inspiring. All the events starting from JAM,semi classical dance,FIFA,NFS,counter strike,photography,western dance,rangoli etc. on the first day i.e 15th, to painting,treasure hunt,quiz,eastern singing,dumb charades,debate,collage,mad ads and mehendi on the second(16th),went on very smoothly.
Also,our college saw some of the best of the emerging talents through the inter-class variety competition held on the 14th. It was truly an experience of lifetime to work with some of the best lecturers and the best people in the business,and to get their valuable guidance was a boon. With such high standards set by our college the very first time,to keep up the good work and to meet the ever-growing expectations of the world, it is going to be an uphill task and will bring out the best from the batches to follow,in the coming years.

Shows on Sentia 2010

Sentia 2010 would be having 2 spectacular shows piled up for us. One from Bhushans Academy presenting a Eastern Dance form, and a  Rock show by Sonic Flare, rock band from Bangalore.

 "Bhushans musical & dance ensemble consists of top ranking professional  dancers & musicians who work with bhushans' on a permanent basis.They  derive great support from them in their endeavour to achieve excellence. Bhushans performances stand out for their high quality musical accompaniment provided by the  well known artists."

"Sonic Flare is a Well known band amongst the youth, it bases from Bangalore and has given Performances over a lot of Events."


Sentia Updates

Good news.. to the readers of MITE Blog..! Before I would fetch you updates on Sentia 2010 first.., the Website of Sentia itself is come out with all the information about the Fest Events, Shows, Schedule and much more.

The Fest is in two main streams One B.E. Fest for all the Engineering Students of all the Mysore Zone under VTU, as it is a inter-collegiate fest. And the Management Fest for the MBA Students, news is that MBA students from nearby collages would be invited.

The Invitations have started to move on and the Publicity and Invitation Committee are doing the best by visiting them and  inviting personally. Some of the Colleges have already been covered in this context.

There is lot to write on this.. and for more authentic info please log on to .